Company Overview

AquaGold Corporation is a junior gold exploration company focused on the exploration, acquisition and development of alluvial and open-pit mining concessions located in areas previously unexplored and inaccessible due to lack of infrastructure, prohibitive governmental policies or political instability within Malaysia.

The Company’s core strategy is to acquire, prove and develop high-grade low-cost gold properties either through direct acquisition, joint ventures or partnerships.

The Company’s flagship project is located in southeastern Malaysia east of Pahang River Basin, an area historically known for containing high concentrations of gold.


Our Company’s vision is to become a world class leader within the mining industry known for its successful track record of being an environmentally conscience and socially responsible mining company working with local government and residents of the communities in which our Company has operations.


Our Company’s mission is to successfully explore, acquire and develop small and medium-sized gold mining projects within Malaysia that are environmentally low impact and economically viable using industry best-practices, ethical standards and sound fiscal management.

Growth Strategy

The company’s overall strategy is to target the exploration and acquisition of small and medium sized mining concessions that allow for economically feasible alluvial and open pit mining development and production with minimal net environmental impact when employing industry best practices. In addition to direct acquisitions, the company plans to compliment its growth through strategic joint ventures and partnerships where appropriate.

The company is targeting small and medium-sized mining concessions for the following reasons:

  1. Projects become revenue-producing within a relatively short period of time

  2. Overall startup costs are less of a burden

  3. Once started, projects can quickly self-fund future development

  4. Environmental impacts can be managed and minimized

  5. Community relations and support tends to be easier to build and maintain

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