Management Team

AquaGold Mining supports the concept of an effective board leading and controlling the Company. The Board is responsible for approving Company policy, sales procedures and strategy. It meets at least every two weeks and is supplied with appropriate and timely information. The Directors and Managers are free to seek any further information they consider necessary. All Directors and Managers have access to advice from the Company Secretary and independent professionals at the Company's expense. Training is available for new Directors and other Directors as necessary.

The Board consists of the independent Non-executive Chairman, a General Manager, two Executive Directors and three other Non-executive directors, four of whom the Company regards as independent. The Company regards this as an appropriate Board structure as half the Board, excluding the Chairman are independent Non-executive directors.

Our senior executives and Board members have been instrumental in establishing the AquaGold's corporate culture of sustainable growth and continued success. Many, like our President and CEO, have a long history with the company that extends back for many years. All bring decades of experiences in various aspects of the industry, from corporate development and international mining law, to mergers and acquisitions, exploration and development, mine operations, corporate social responsibility and community-building, and projects related to Indigenous peoples and the environment.

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